I started this blog after GoodReads decides that it would rather censor and save hurt feelings (and, coincidentally, net the authors more money by hiding certain opinions that would hurt their bottom lines).  I was never actually censored,  but I saw it happening and it became reaily apparent to me that it was less a platform for reviewing and more about selling books via Amazon.   It was not the first nail int he coffin, for me, however - once the explosion in popularity for the site happened, it felt less like a niche community and became a free-for-all, with nothing that felt like a home base for readers, now furnished with the groundwork for a nanny state.


So.  I moved over here, and it was wonderful to realize that what I had started with that site could be uprooted, moved over here like transplanting a tree.  Which is great: I was keen to get out of an area where firestarters (being a proud one myself) would eventually trod on the wrong toe and end up in the shit with the wrong mush-mouth and I wanted to go somewhere where I could feel a community around my writing.


So. Here I am, with a blogging platform, and about, oh, five failed blogs in my past.  I've tried a bit of everything in the past, but this - reviewing with my personality intact - seems to be the only thing that ever sticks.


So, a short explanation on my posting.  As you may have already ascertained, I have a tasteless view of the world, and perhaps due to my background, I sort of view profanity as a sign of sincerity and openness - it will turn some people off, but fuck it.  If I can't be myself on my own blogging, then where can I?  It's as ingrained in me as my midwestern accent.


I start out and end my review in as broad a manner as I am capable of, opening so that anyone can have an idea of whatever it is that I am reviewing/talking about.  I end with a bottom line on the thing, my opinion on it, a sort of take-away, whether or not you have clicked on the spoiler, you know my opinion on the thing.  I also like to do something that I think that everyone does in conversation, which is to compare it to other things that maybe most people have a background to know from their past experiences.  I enjoy explaining what things are like by constructing this sort of... I don't know, a Frankenstein's creature of things that seems most to me to best describe what the experience of the thing is like.


I almost always put spoilers in the review, but let's calm down for a second - I will never knowingly put a spoiler in, without it being hidden so that you have to click on it to see it.  I will also put the gnarlier stuff in the spoiler area, so that you can read my stuff whether or not you actually plan on trying to enjoy the thing.


Also, I enjoy sharing stuff that I find on the internet.  Ehh.