Transmetropolitan, Vol. 3: Year of the Bastard - Warren Ellis
And then we return to our regularly scheduled program, after the voyeur-istic stint known as [b:Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2: Lust for Life|22417|Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2 Lust for Life (Transmetropolitan, #2)|Warren Ellis||932279], Spider Jerusalem returns to his real work of dismantling the people of the city's entire bedrock of what they believe in.

Politics always seemed to stir all of the red up in Hunter S. Thompson, and Spider - not a far off replicant of the man himself - is abuzz with energy as a contender arrives to take on the Beast - a symbol of Jingoism, ignorance and the dark side of Republican party - and everything seems as cut and dried as a pack of Slim Jims - or a pack of those smokes that are always spinning around in Spider's motor mouth.

The only problem here is that the major contender for the presidency seems to rub Spider in a bad way. The wrong way.


Along the way Spider gets a new and surlier assistant and finds a possible way to bang out one of those books that he's contracturally obligated to complete before he can return to his mountain.

Fun, wild and dark, the art is a perfect partner with the insane dialogue provided by Ellis - as colorful as it is dark and grotesque.

After coming off of Lust for Life, Year of the Bastard is a living bolt of energy that hums with ADD and a bi-polar sensibility that drew me to the series in the first place. It is possibly even more sastifyingly fun and dark than the first book in the series.