Captain America #1 - Rick Remender,  John Romita Jr.
It starts off with an amazing bang - a bit of Captain's own back story, which serves to put some of his own personality traits into some clarity as well as why he acts the way he does within the confines of this story's line. After the beginning, however, the rest of the story strays into what I think is pretty standard comic book fare with some bizarre science and a shadowy other dimension serving as the bland ice cream on this humble piece of pie. The only saving grace, after the neat and more than a little jarring opening, is the ending that openly baits the reader to continue the story that came a little unexpectedly, but does have a fair amount of questions regarding how any of it is possible in its wake. A comic book that makes a normal reader raise an eyebrow at the unlikeliness of its contents is not a good thing. I would go as far as to say that this writing feels like a sloppy fan fiction whose beginning had been written by someone else entirely - someone with a flair for the dramatic - before being picked up by an amateur.