Legion of Monsters (Legion of Monsters, #1) - Dennis Hopeless,  Juan Doe,  Will Quintana
First, a rant - does ANYONE else here read actual, non-anthologized comic books? Apparently not, because as I'm reading the things, I have to keep laboriously putting all of the information on the 22-page stories I read just to review them. I'm lazy enough as it is, and nobody on the internet is particularly fond, it seems, of believing that this thing even exists - even on the Marvel site, all I could find information on was on LoM #2-4.

Anyway, as for the book itself, the art is fun, fun and double fun and seems a near-perfect fit to go along with the story's mood in that it doesn't take itself seriously. Taking itself dead serious is another thing the book does right - this sort of story is automatically a little bit precious and tongue in cheek, and its author seemed aware of this, keeping the action tight and unbelievable - fun - and the characters are just cool. All in all, it's a classic story of two opposing forces that have to work together, but done in a lovely manner. My only complain is a page that seemed to be filler, in some sort of an attempt to keep up the length of it, in which the Bloodstone is going back and forth on a motorcycle, for some... unknown reason. It really bothered me and jerked me out of the experience of reading it, because of how tight the rest of the thing was kept.