B.P.R.D Hell on Earth (Exorcism, #1) - Mike Mignola
A prelude to a demon infestation on Earth, this comic ties together an exorcism that took place over a hundred years ago in Africa and one in modern day Indiana. The main tie is the newish field agent of the BPRD, Ashley Strode, who is better at using guns than using her wits or knowledge.

A pretty good comic, my only complaint is the downright shitty assertion that Liz Sherman can't even be bothered to remember the newbie's name, but her supposed "interest" in the girl is used like a carrot to lead the poor girl toward something awfully dangerous. This sort of deceptive motivation leaves a bad tatse in my mouth, regarding the BPRD, and it seems as though they are now alright with using the naive for their own gains.