Preacher, Volume 3: Proud Americans - Steve Dillon, Garth Ennis
And we're moving along, with #3 in the collected series, Proud Americans.

I really do not like the cover art for this collection, as opposed to the art in the previous collection. It has no relevance to what actually happens in the story, at least in this particular collection and I frankly dislike how ugly it looks.

In this collection we start off with another one of the superb origin stories that have begun to become a more regular occurence in the series. I believe that they're incredibly entertaining and that they do an amazing job of explaining why a character is where he/she is in terms of the story. It helps to create a sense of something akin to fate that these characters all fall into as the story progresses.

This volume in the series is tightly paced and builds very intelligently onto the stronger points of the previous volume. Excitement and high action runs at a near breakneck pace through the story as the twists and the turns evolve with the inclusion of new characters and new facets of old characters come to light. I especially adore seeing who Cassidy is, and see him turn into something else - something new - as I read through the series.

There's really not much else to say, other than it continues, rather skillfully, from where the last left off, so here's a gif that I have not found use for - yet.