This is Not My Hat - Jon Klassen
After I had read [b:I Want My Hat Back|11233988|I Want My Hat Back|Jon Klassen||16160067], I felt as though a hole had appeared within my heart and threatened to swallow everything I loved along with it.

And then my eyes fell across a strangely similar book that happens to feature animals and a hat.


Imagine my joy at having found yet another book by the same author that just happens to deal with hat-thievery and the implied, macabre deaths of those who commit a crime inspired by fashion.

Whereas the first book takes you in the point of view of an animal who is under the impression that he has misplaced his hat, this book begins with a stark little piece of reality for a young child - this protagonist is an anti-hero, whose very first line of narrative dialogue mark him as an unrepentant thief. As I have pointed out in the review of [b:I Want My Hat Back|11233988|I Want My Hat Back|Jon Klassen||16160067], some adults may be unable to face this sort of a character, but I put a lot of stock in the mental maturity of a child over a hare-brained neurotic and I believe that a child could easily tell the difference between a character that they should emulate - and a hat-stealing fish.

Although structured in a vastly different mechanism than the other book, I would say that whereas the humor in the last book laid largely in the pay-off at its end, the humor in This is Not My Hat is sprinkled quite equally amongst the pages of this short book. The art, just like in the first book, is pretty, fun and light-hearted, and the view readers get of sea life is a dark one, lit up by the colorful life the inhabits it.

What can I say, except that this book is just as worthy of being read as the first, except that when put up against each other, the reveal in the first book makes is a worthier read than this one, but only by a hair's length. It's a bit of a different level of humor, despite the fact that both book features animals, hats and thievery, and this was a no-contest from the start, with the ending of the first book single-handedly destroying any other children's book that tries to be funny. It is not to say that this book is, somehow, not worth reading, but it is only fair to say that it, like every other picture book out there, it must bow down to the awesomeness that is [b:I Want My Hat Back|11233988|I Want My Hat Back|Jon Klassen||16160067].