Scary Book Volume 1: Reflections (Scary Book) - Kazuo Umezu, Kumar Sivasubramanian
Unscary (so, there's the title, immediately thrown out of the window) and pretty damn boring. I was pretty offended at the moronic blurb on the back cover of the book - that Umezu is the Japanese Stephen King. I saw no similarities between the two - all of King's themes are untouched on and, as a Kingophile, I saw none of the quality and outside-of-the-usual thinking that makes King such a remarkable talent - and all it did was work to make me want to read one of the books I haven't read of King's.

As a matter of fact, just go read something by King instead of this.

The first story is so ridiculous and cliched that I felt as though I was reading a story written for a child too dumb to enjoy [b:Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark|1325218|Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Scary Stories #1)|Alvin Schwartz||145600] - or too easily scared. The second story is surely one that does not belong anywhere near the horror genre and offers up nothing more than a microwaved Samurai revenge story with a bizarre ending,