Cardcaptor Sakura Omnibus 1 - CLAMP
A sweet manga that reads fast, the subject matter really does not go very far and is not especially enjoyable to read outside of people who have the mentality of a person over ten years of age. Cliches bounce of of the page just as often as adorable humor and, truthfully, off-setting romantic aspirations and desires do, for characters of all ages. I really started to stop reading it, when the cliches of the watered-down monster-of-the-week began to become complicated with everyone desiring everyone else in the story. This is uncomfortable, due to the fact that 90% of the major characters are under 18, and that it begins to swallow the story, whole, past the first book. Relationships between children/teenagers and adults just creeps me out, and the story loves to rub everyone's shiny, oversized eyes over each other until I sincerely feel like I have to scrub myself under some hot water.

The imagery that really shut me down was when a boy-child seemed to look at an almost 30-year old man with romantic longing. I had had enough - all I signed up for was some card captoring, not a romantic/creepy angst fest with some quickly defeated monsters occasionally shoved in. I also hated the insipid bios of the characters, which end each part of the books, filled with weird information such as favorite flowers and recipes.