Transmetropolitan, Vol. 2: Lust for Life (New Edition) - Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson, Rodney Ramos
Despite my glee at the thought of going further into Transmetropolitan, after the chapter, "Another Cold Morning", everything went directly off-track and into what I'd like to refer to as, "Disappointmentland." The story becomes as loose as a silk kimono as Spider has a confusing flashback, he loses his assistant and he goes on a chase through the city with an antagonist who fizzles out at the end before he can offer any danger to Spider. All of this comes after a trippy as all hell story regarding the city's "reservations," which seems to add nothing except interesting visuals.

Back in the subject of the chapter, "Another Cold Morning," I found that the piece was a shocking stab of emotion, appearing in the collection like a beam of sunlight in a dark valley. Spider shows a surprising amount of sympathy for the most downtrodden of all people in the city, and in the process, we find some humanity behind the red and green tinted glasses. Gloomy but real, in the sense that we understand a bit more about Spider as he narrates something that he obviously cares greatly for.

By the end of the collection, this bit of bright humanity is all but extinguished under the heavy weight of the violence of the "Freeze me with Your Kiss".

Oh, how disappointing.