The Means of Reproduction: Sex, Power, and the Future of the World - Michelle Goldberg
Had to pick this up for my International Perspectives on Feminism class, and I have to say, after having read this book, I am glad that out of probably many books that could have been implemented into the class, this book was the one chosen.

The author is a journalist and her background shines through in the writing; high quality research and powerful points are presented in a way that does not feel too tiresome or too light; it is around the chapter on female genital mutilation that the book begins to really make an impression. The chapter made such an impression on me that it nearly made me stop reading the book entirely; I learned a great deal, but the facts were in no way presented in a dry and emotionless manner; every fact was tied to a personal account or story that consistently put faces on facts and numbers. Some accounts were truly gut-wrenching, but it never felt as though the author was going for shock-value or towards a tragic appeal to sell some books.

A great introduction to modern feminism and what people in the feminist movement want and are facing, it is a good book to loan from the library as well as a great possible addition to anyone's Feminist book collection.