Avengers vs. X-Men - Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Brian Michael Bendis
A short read, so a short review I will do.

It begins badly - I mean, so badly that I literally groaned aloud when I read terrible set-up for what gathers the heroes on top of Stark tower. The dialogue, before anything actually happens, is a dreadful waste of time and does not seem to add anything to the story. It's quite a shame, given that the rest of the comic is very enjoyable and exciting.

The story is essentially a caustic mixture of what has happened to what is now the X-Men (Scott is one paranoid, crazy fucker) and the force that is coming to Earth, and how Scott sees this possibly world-destroying power as a way to tilt the balance of everything in the favor of what is left of the world's mutants. It seems that Scott is obviously the one in the wrong in this fight, but there's this sense of desperation and tragedy that fuels his fanatical anger that is hard to not understand, given the history of mutants in the world.

This #0 does its job, for the most part, getting ready for what is to come in the next issue.