Your Movie Sucks - Roger Ebert
Well, it certainly was a book of reviews by Roger Ebert. The quick review of this book is this - it is a book that has a great inspiration to draw from - a justified hatred of Rob Shneider - and loses its vitriolic wittiness as it moves away from Ebert's main object of loathing.

Going further into this point, I will say that I read about the first half of this book pretty faithfully. I even read reviews of films I have never seen or intend to ever see. As I continued to read, however, I began to feel as Ebert's wit was being spread thinly on a lot more movies as the book chugged along. I stopped reading it as voraciously as I had, before, and I began skipping a ton. I would say that I would have rather read these on the internet somewhere - then I could choose which review I would like to read.

That all being said, I - a twenty-two year-old woman - have found that I have a lot in common with the deeply intelligent and snarkily hilarious Roger Ebert. When I want to feel superior to people who make usually VERY expensive trash - when I'm feeling very, very very "bad" - I will remember to read or watch some more of Mr. Ebert's reviews in the future.

Aesthetics is all we have as human beings, and Roger Ebert is right in wanting to uphold a higher standard of aesthetics in the film industry.