Doctor Sleep - Stephen King

I borrowed this from my work to read, but for all of you rubes out there who want it new, this book retails, currently, at a whopping $30 a pop. 


Now, let's put this in perspective, and I know to some people I could very well be comparing apples to oranges, but here's the thing - I spent around $25 in the last few weeks on books. That's five dollars cheaper than what this book retails at. 


Not A book, but books, plural.  This would be an impossible thing to accomplish with new books - unless you buy all of your reading materials at a Dollar Tree or strictly from bookstores while they're having a clearance - because book publishers apparently don't understand that unless a book's pages are made out of a precious and rare metal, I find it overwhelmingly ridiculous to pay around a quarter out of what I make in a week for a book.


You can see what I've bought - and for how much - here and here.  If you happen to be in the business of selling books - in Fort Wayne, Indiana, at least - you need to understand that there is a Half-Price books in town that sells its books at least at half the price that the publisher was originally asking for. And it often has an amazing selection in stock that they rotate in a dedicated fashion.


Even at half the price of what a publisher is asking for a book, however, I tend not to be willing to purchase books.  Even on my miserable pay, however, I could afford at least a book or two from the $3 or less discount section every day if I wanted to.  If you think that all I can manage to find is cheap crap nobody wants, look at the two shopping sprees I linked to.    


Hell, if I wanted to be even cheaper, in Allen county we happen to have one of the best library systems that you could imagine.  If they don't happen to have a copy of something you want to read, you can request it and they'll more than likely order it in - completely free of charge.  You can read all you want, not have to waste an inch of space in your home in the long run and not have to spend a dime to do it.


Now, tell me again why anybody feels as though they believe that a single written story is worth over a quarter of a hundred dollars? 


And IS Doctor Sleep so good of a book that you'd be willing to drop that kind of cash?