Possession - A.S. Byatt

I dunno - this feels like a book I should love, but I find it hard to enjoy the hard-on that Byatt has for showing letters, correspondances and poetry in their entirety.  I also find it hard to swallow the whole, "Atheist turning into a Christian" thing (this could be my own bug bear, I admit) and the strange, slightly anti-Feministic quips and jabs that I think that I've been sensing as I've been reading.


One thing's for certain - I wouldn't have begun reading this on my own, I would have had to of had this assigned to me to even consider picking it up.


I think that for all of the focus this book has on literature and very English-y Major stuff, I get the very distinct feeling as I am reading this that this story could very well have been one around the discovery of ANYTHING.   One of the most MacGuffin plot devices that I have ever encountered, I feel as though all of the embellishment that Byatt gives all of the fucking letters and blah blah blah blossoming secret romance I might as well be reading about two people who have uncovered a before undiscovered play by Shakespeare or, hell, some major scientific discovery.  My point is this - the strength in this story is the modern characters, and its weakness seems to be Byatt's ADD focus and obsession with making the audience read the correspondances between the two previously unlinked authors in their entirety, thereby causing the plot to screech to a complete stop.