Possession - A.S. Byatt

Once you get past the middle "hump" of this book, it actually gets a BIT interesting, as long as you have the sense to not read every fucking letter that the author included in the text, especially if it's Christabel or Ash.  Most of the contents of the letters is boring bullshit, I suppose that it's supposed to enlighten me, the reader, about the characters in some fashion, but between the letters and the, frankly, completely superfluous inclusion of made-up, half-assed poetry that is usually included in the opening of every single chapter in the story, this story moves like partially frozen molasses sliding down the side of a not very steep mountain.   Even if any of it made any real difference to the narrative of the actual story, the author spams the story with so much of this padding that any reasonable reader has to make the choice of trudging through it all, skipping these inclusions almost entirely or, as I have considered multiple times myself, stopping reading almost entirely out of annoyance at how the author chooses to spend her reader's time.   The kicker, of course, is that even if you come across something interesting in just one of the inclusions in the story, this becomes pointless, because the characters in the framing story discuss it and interpret it to death as it is, sometimes to the point that I can hardly take it any more.


Well, at least now that I'm past half of the book, things are actually HAPPENING in the story that I give two dried dogs' turds of care about.


As it is, I will be surprised if I can finish this book with the feeling that it's anything more than a three-star worthy story.