I finally went into the Christian thrift shop that opened where the Goodwill used to be.   I didn't have high hopes - when Goodwill re-opened, they've slowly been stocking less good literature while simultaneously DOUBLING the prices. 


So, yeah, I was willing to look elsewhere for some books.


Well, did I EVER find a decent thrift shop to look in when I walked into this innocuous corner shop.  I also picked up two really cheap tubes of toothpaste (what? They were really cheap!) and found the wall-o-books.   I ended up having to go back to the entrance for a cart, when I ended up over encumbering my arms with the first of the books that I (quickly) found.  I found some really good and surprising books (I was quite surprised to find Lady Chatterly's Lover & The Color Purple in a CHRISTIAN themed thrift store!), but I didn't feel really excited until I found the first ten copies of the books in the Animorphs series.


My point: the new releases of this series feature "new" (read: in my opinion, uglier and less cheesy : ( ) cover art, so it's pretty darn hard to find one of these nostalgia-inducing covers "in the wild".  Well, at least around your usual middle-American thrift shop.  Did I mention that I am so nostalgic for this series that I can remember caring for this series about as much as the sainted Harry Potter series?


I found other stuff, too - hell, a LOT of other stuff - but along with those aforementioned two tubes of cheap-ass toothpaste, this whole haul cost me a few hairs shy of $10.


I then went over to the Asian grocery store next door and found a tin of this for under $5.  A great day, certainly a promising one.


Now, I can only hope that Animorphs is (somewhere near) as awesome as I remember it being.