The Little Black Book: Books - Over a Century of the Greatest Books, Writers, Characters, Passages and Events That Rocked the Literary World  - Lucy Daniel, Various


Deal with it (I guess?).


I think I got this book for the wrong, wrong reason.  That reason is that I was trying to get a cheat sheet of the sort of material that I should be looking for when I shop in thrift stores, what this book actually is is a coffee-table book that no one would actually read - and nobody likely should read.


It's pretty dull - the running joke with Monster Man became, "and in *yadda yadda year*, what was the little known country which produced a writer who won a prize for writing about the problems of that country's people?"


You just start skipping by entire sections of the book, wholesale, going through dry facts like you're sorting through a barrel of beans with the intent of organizing them, based on color, shape and size.  Oh, there's facts about decent authors that I think I might find interesting, and usually out of every 20 books about a gay character dealing with his society while having deep emotional problems stemming from his mother's lackluster mothering techniques there is something that actually seems like sane reading material. 


Yep, this is another book that chooses to high light material that focuses more on being award baiting material than actually entertaining.  Hell, sometimes I just don't know what the hell I'm reading about - sometimes the writers tasked with writing a few paragraphs-long blurb about a book or its author completely shits the bed, and the explanation about a book ranges from the bizarre - simply listing off things that happen in the book (I'm guessing) or the overly specific explanation of different "themes" of the books.    I mean, how hard is it to explain what the shit Brave New World is ABOUT?  Apparently, this was like asking one of the contributors to have to turn off their Snob-o-Meter and then follow it up with killing their closest loved ones.  


Dance around the subject matter, contributors, dance!


This is basically a badly-written and cobbled together literary, almost 800 page long version of that Billy Joel song, "We Didn't Start the Fire."  And, yes, Stranger in a Strange Land is a part of the collection.  "These are things that happened!", the book seems to be shouting.  "Yes," I answer back, "but where's the beef?  Why should I care about these things, outside of your assertion that it's super important and that it is historically important?"  


I still haven't gotten an answer back on that one.  Oh well.


Post-Script - After some consideration, I realized that what I should have been looking at, as opposed to this book, is this list, compiled by the people of Reddit, for some actually GOOD reading material.  WHAT WAS I THINKING, READING THIS FRIGGING MESS OF A BOOK OH GOD