During the last week, I discovered that I've been having troubles doing, well, this - writing reviews.   I came upon the realization that writing reviews that way that I have been is not the most constructive hobby for me, as is.   So I did a bit of research - as it turns out, at the bookstore where I work, we carry a lot of different Moleskin "journals", one of which I noticed was a book journal.  


The journal was obviously made for readers, but not writers who want to take fiction apart like an energetic young Engineer taking apart everything vaguely mechanical in their childhood home.  The pages are *small*, the different questions by far too broad - quick, but not nearly as in-depth as I would need some sort of a project like this. 


No, I had to create a system of my own.  I tried, first, with a journal that was very small.  It didn't work out - at least, not with anything more complex than short fiction.  Too much to write about, comment on, pause to reflect for how large the pages were.   I got another notebook - one that's larger and it also has rings = it won't flop closed on me. 


I also toiled trying to create THE template for fiction.  I researched several sites, how other people went about creating and keeping their own book journals and what questions they thought they needed to use in their analysis of what they read.   Finally, I came up with a two-sided, smallish piece of paper that contains questions that I find important after reading any piece of fiction. 


So that's how I came where I am now.   I'm not sure when I will be posting proper reviews again, but this is the process that I will be using every time I finish reading something.  It's important that I make myself think critically of everything I read, and eventually I see myself doing something like this for the movies I watch and the games I play.  For now, I just need to write down everything I read.