S. - Doug Dorst, J.J. Abrams

I did not anticipate that this is a book that you have to learn a system of reading or else you'll go insane with the information overload, not unlike reading House of Leaves.   I suffered for a few chapters, trying to take everything in before a co-worker mentioned that the way she heard a friend of hers was reading the book was to read the book in the actual book first (follow me if you will, here) and then do a second read and indulge in all of the notes and pieces of information shoved in the pages.   The only problem with this method is that you get tortured by all of the bizarre and fascinating notations and the things that you are forced to ignore in order to be able to continue reading the actual STORY that works as a frame for the OTHER story going on in the book in the margins.


This is absolute torture for those with A.D.D.   Oftentimes the story of the Stranger is interesting enough to at least keep me engaged, but all of the postcards and letters I have to pass up is just KILLING me.  Reading it like this also means that I will need to go through the book, again, to read all of the other stuff in it as well.