Everything Is Illuminated - Jonathan Safran Foer

I always tell myself that 90% of what I have, book wise, will end back up at the second hand store I buy (most of them) at.  This is rarely ever a reality, however, seeing as I put books willy nilly all over my apartment and I have to gather them together to even see what I have available to sell.  Well, seeing as how I just had to ask nicely for some money to cover my school payment next month (*sigh*) I figured the least I could do would be to gather some of these unwanted strays to sell off.  I found about 21 such unwanted books, 19 of which I found that I have already read and have no desires to re-read, one was my copy of *The Shining* that got something spilled on its page edges and a copy of *2001: a Space Odyssey* I bought without realizing that I already have it.  Such is the danger of a large book collection.


I got a *whopping* $9 out of my endeavor.  Whoo eeh.  I'm not bitter, though.


I'm not one of those people who grouses the usually grouchy lady who appraises the books that are brought in that my obviously heavily read copy of a book that they see five walk in the doors every day is worth much, much more than she can offer.  My reasoning for this is that this store is where I buy my library from - I usually only cruise the Discount/Overstock/Nostalgia section, where every book I pick up is typically $1, but occasionally can get as high as $3.  And these books are not in bad condition, and nor are they awful books - I once got the entire Golden Compass collection in one massive book that was in like new condition for $3.  Their reason for having to put it in that section? - they did not have room for two of those huge-ass books in their cramped shelves.


So, actually, yes, $9 DOES go a while in this store.  I also took the chance while I was there to fill out a job application - I heard they're hiring, and I would LOVE to jump ship from a corporate bookstore that increasingly wants to be Wal-Mart/Target, where the books are all usually the staggeringly high list price to this place in particular.  Wish me luck!


It also didn't hurt that they've started giving out 10% off coupons that works on ANYTHING in the store, as long as you've brought something in to sell! 


So I cruised around and found that they were selling Everything is Illuminated, a book that a co-worker of mine gushed about, which they were selling at $3.   Using that coupon for that paltry little purchase, I managed to use the rest of what I earned to buy myself lunch.   Not bad, when I have as little hours at work as I now have to earn money.