The Furies - Mike Carey, John Bolton

I had an hour after work that I had to spend waiting for my ride to show up, so I got to read an entire piece of graphic literature all the way through.  I had packed this for today, hoping that it would jump-start my taste for The Sandman, so that I could resume reading all of it once more.


In that manner, this worked perfectly - I think that I am in the right place, mentally, to go back into the series, perhaps this time until I finish it all off.  Damn, my ankle itches where I twisted it two months ago!  Aggghh


Anyway, where was I?  Oh, right.


This piece does prove my point, that The Sandman includes a far better story, overall, than the whole American Gods book is.  Perhaps it is due to the strength of the fact that the series manages to include this amazingly expresses art or that the dialogue, the characters and the story is just much more engaging.  Even though this story is a little on the "moot" side of the overall tale, (I think so, at least) it still manages to be engaging, dark and personal.  Again - the unique art style that the series is known for helps in that manner.


I think, however, that I was not supposed to read this one before I finished off the series itself.  I felt for the main character, Lyta, through the story, in spite of the fact that I really am not in the position to really understand what she's gone through, by not reading her story in the main series.


I would recommend saving this one until after you've read the main series.  Much of what I saw while reading this will resonate with me (Cronus' soliloquy behind that terrifying Greek mask), but it's not a collection that I think, at the moment, that I will be rushing to own for myself.