American Gothic Tales - Bruce McAllister, Joyce Carol Oates

Bah, what did I manage to read this week?  Ambrose Bierce?  Good enough for me to warrant a full post!




Yep, I actually finished S. an hour or so ago, but I figured that I wouldn't miss out on a routine I'm getting used to.  Deal with it.


"The Damned Thing" - Ambrose Bierce


Fucking a.  A perfectly paced story with the exact right amount of description to really pull you into this just bizarre, borderline nightmarish story that is not unlike Lovecraft, but minus the frankly inane build-up.  Genuinely suspenseful and unnerving, this piece proves that Ambrose may have just been too far ahead of his time for his own good.


There!  And just like that, I slink away to enjoy a two day off period.